Chi Phi is more than just your four years of college; it is a lifetime Brotherhood. In fact, our Alumni constitute 94% of our living members! Chi Phi Fraternity is always seeking engaged Alumni to provide assistance to the National Fraternity as well as local Chapters and Colonies. Alumni organizations play a central role in helping Alumni renew old friendships, make new acquaintances, network professionally, attend to the business of the Fraternity, and learn what is happening within Chi Phi. Whether it is through your own Chapter’s Alumni Association, a nearby Chapter’s Alumni group, or one of Chi Phi’s Metropolitan Chi Phi Clubs, one of the best ways to maintain the lifetime experience of Chi Phi is to get involved in one of Chi Phi’s Alumni groups in your area. Where Alumni Associations commonly consist of Alumni from a common College, University, or institute, Chi Phi Clubs consist of Alumni from various Chapters living in the same geographic areas. For more information on getting reacquainted with your Alumni Association, developing or re-starting an existing group contact a member of the National Fraternity Staff.

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Alumni Volunteer Opportunities

Below is a listing of opportunities currently available. If you do not see any area you are interested in, please contact a member of the National Fraternity Staff to see what other opportunities exist. alumni Chapter Alumni Advisory Board Member The National Office is currently working with our Chapters to develop Alumni Advisory Boards for each Chapter to assist with advising and support the undergraduate Chapter in various aspects of Chapter management.  Each alumni advisor will be responsible for training and advising at least one collegiate officer.  The advisor will become an expert in his area of chapter operations and will help maintain continuity through officer transition and long-term planning in that area.  Prior experience as the collegiate officer one is advising is beneficial but not required.  To serve on the board an Alumnus does not have to be an affiliated Brother of the specific Chapter. Click here to receive more information about Alumni Advisory Boards and to volunteer to become a member.

Chapter Support Are you interested in becoming involved with a local Chapter but are either unable to provide the time commitment to be a Chapter Alumni Advisory Board Member or just want to offer your support to a local Chapter?  If yes, there are many opportunities to get involved by attending events and Chapter meetings or just offering your support. Click here to learn more about either your own Chapter or a Chapter in your area.

Expansion Support To effectively cultivate each of our expansions, it is essential for Chi Phi to have the support of our Alumni. The National Fraternity Staff is currently focusing resources on restarting and recolonizing many of our former Chapters.  To accomplish this task, we must have the backing of the Chapter Alumni, through time and financial support.  Click here to learn more information about the requirements and guidelines for the potential return of your Chapter.

Chi Phi Clubs We are currently looking to develop new Chi Phi Clubs in metropolitan areas across the country.  Chi Phi Clubs allow for Alumni in a specific area to gather together throughout the year for meetings, meals, and activities.  Click here if you are interested in assisting with the creation of a Club in your area.

Changing Lives Capital Campaign Chapter Captains (All Chapters and Colonies) A Central focus of the Changing Lives Campaign is to help every Chapter establish a fund of at least $25,000 for their long-term use and support.  If you are interested in leading the fundraising effort for your chapter click here.

Changing Lives Capital Campaign Volunteers (All Chapters and Colonies) There are many opportunities for alumni and students who are interested in assisting with the Changing Lives Campaign. Opportunities vary from calling fellow Brothers to joining Campaign Advisory Councils. For more information about available positions click here.